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The boys options included realistic images of plants and our

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loving girls offended Secondly, read the letter by Lisa Ryder of Montclair, New Jersey. She posted it on the Facebook page of Lands End and it was first reported on by Barista Kids: nine year old daughter loves science; She especially enjoys learning about ocean life and outer space. She has read more books on sharks than I ever knew Air Max 1 Homme existed, follows NASA news, and hopes to be an astronaut one day. So you can imagine her reaction when she saw your company science themed T shirt designs for boys featured on page 26 of your latest catalog. The boys options included realistic images of plants and our solar system, labeled diagrams of sharks and dinosaurs, and a Crew tee design that she immediately Isport Beats By Dre declared to be coolest shirt ever. quickly flipped forward in your catalog to find the equivalent shirts in girls sizes. But when we got to the available T shirt designs for girls on page 56, instead of science themed art, we were treated to sparkly tees with rhinestones, non realistic looking stars, and a design featuring a dog dressed like a princess and wearing a tutu. My daughter was very confused. Lots of her friends that are girls love science, too. Why were there no cool science shirts for girls? So, Lands End corporate, how should I respond to my daughter question? In 2014, why are you selling tees for boys and tees for girls? (Description taken straight from your marketing copy). My daughter is mighty and she loves science. And until you recognize that it not only boys that can fit that description, our family will no longer be shopping in your stores. Please know that Lands End would never intentionally discourage children from pursuing anything that they put their minds and hearts into, whether it music, art, sports or academics. We value our customers and take your feedback very seriously. We have shared your feedback with you Kids design and merchandising teams, and we will be offering more educational based, gender neutral graphics for back to school and throughout the fall season. reminds me of controversy surrounding girly pink LEGOs, which I all for. Regarding the Lands End tees, I admit I thought the girls sparkly science shirts were cute. I sort of annoyed at myself for not noticing the differences in shirt designs and marketing copy, as did the letter writing mom. She is smart and makes excellent points. Proud to report that I have never bought anything for my Beats By Dre Studio NHL daughter out of the girls side of that catalogue. She has some girly clothing, including a brown T with painted butterflies on it bought from Carters, but it is important to me that her clothing celebrates some part of her in addition to femininity that shirt fits, because my little girl loves butterflies. I have happily bought her many t shirts from the boys side of the catalogue, showing turtles and frogs and comets and more. I been upset for some time that the girls side is in general so boring, and comment on it aloud to both of my children. I have the same problem in Carter stores, incidentally, and primarily buy for her from the boys side there too. A pale green shirt with images of dinosaur fossils on it vs. a pink shirt with a bow and Princess! on it? No contest for me! What particularly bothers me is why these companies don just have a section. Most of the shirts are gender neutral, and I think the parents can be trusted to buy the ones that make sense for their child. Another thing that bothers me about purchased clothing for kids (I make most of my kids clothing and don buy much) is the difference in shapes: boys shirts are loose, girls shirts are far more fitted. Boys shorts are loose and aim to end somewhere just above the knee, girls shorts are tight and some of them are so short that the crotch ends below the outside edge of the legs! My 5 year old does not need to dress like that, thank you, and will continue in her regular outfit of a boys t shirt, boys shorts, and the skirts she insists on putting on top of the shorts. First off, I don think the company is sexist. Did you know until about the teenage growth spurts, that both boys and girls have the same sizes in clothing? If that were my daughter, I would not have flipped to the girl section to see anything, I would have just bought her the tee she wanted. Who cares if the catalogue labels it or It honestly should just be And allow our kids to pick from a variety, instead of forcing them to pick from the section labled by thier gender. We are the sexist one if we don think our smart girl can wear a blue shirt with science and still be our daughter. It crazy to think the shirt will make her less girly since it was labled Who cares. If it cool get it. As a woman wearing a pink shirt working on my second MS degree (the first was in Anthropology), I don care. My clothes are part of my gender identity and we let our son explore his own gender identity through choosing his clothes, whether he gets his hair cut, etc. You not going to be bad at science because you had a less sciencey looking science t shirt than your male classmates; you be bad at the STEM fields if you don have aptitude and/or encouragement. If you think a graphic t shirt is going to teach your child to be a scientist (or discourage you from becoming a scientist), the Oscar nominated song from the Park movie comes up Canada before somebody Monster Beatbox MIni Speaker thinks of blaming us! parents encouraged my education in the sciences by taking me to museums and buying me books, while dressing me in pink dresses with bows and pinafores as a child. Expecting a clothing company to teach your child their gender identity or abilities is utterly ridiculous. These are graphic designs, not typographical messages. I had the exact same complaint walking out of a Carter store a few months ago. Most of the commenters are misssing the point. Sure, the kid can pick out some of the cool dino shirts, etc. That exactly what I did at the Carters store. The problem is that these shirts are labelled as boys clothing. Girls should wear the cutesy Burberry Shoes Men tshirts, and boys should wear the real tshirts. It instills, at an insidiously early age, that the real work should be left to the boys. No, employees/companies are not outright saying this, but that what so insidious it just left unspoken for the girl to internalize. Carters was even worse they had a whole bunch of sweet dinosaur boys shirts, and all the girls stuff says Princess and Queen and Pie and garbage like that. Why not have a section in the middle of the store that just says graphic tees? I buy from boys and girls sections for my 3 year old, I just wish I didn have to. I like Emily response. I think some of you are missing the point here. OF COURSE 2015 Beats By Dre Headphones she can Burberry Outlet just buy whatever tee she wants no matter how it labeled. OF COURSE her whole identity isn determined by a shirt. But the point is the very subtle insinuation that girls only like sparkly fluffy stuff while the boys get down to business with their Burberry Michael Jackson Beats By Dre Sweaters Men realistically labeled shirts. And why can a girl like science stuff and sparkly stuff too?? My daughter likes the graphics on a lot of boys shirts but dislikes the drab colors and lack of detail. Why can these companies put these things together!? Anyway is a growing body of research by labor economists and other social scientists exploring why many young girls who initially start out loving science and math ultimately end up in more female careers that tend to not use much science or math. Some of the research comes from an examination of the average gap between men and women. The wage gap we all hear about is an oversimplified average of all men and women hourly earnings, with no qualifiers such as age, education, career field, position, years of experience, etc. (So it basically means nothing, but that another topic). Some of the wage gap can be explained by the different careers jobs men and women choose. To this point in time, more men are employed in fields that pay more than average, while more women are employed in fields that pay less than average, hence that explains some of the wage gap. The question is, why don more women choose to pursue careers in fields that pay more (which include and tend to be STEM fields)? Do they truly prefer other the fields, or is there some other subtle factors, even going back to elementary education, that are leading women away from choosing to continue (or even start) down the path of science and math toward a career? Some argue that one of those subtle factors is related to product types and marketing, like in this Land End example. So, even though to some it may seem insignificant (it just a shirt!!), as parents we need to be aware of these subtleties, use them as lessons, and work to be sure our kids, no matter the gender, will always feel free to be themselves and pursue their own paths and dreams without any stupid stuff getting in the way. Just a few thoughts from a mom who studied math. For the people that are upset at Lands End here say Lands End has a planet shirt for girls and it totally flops. They sell a few of them maybe, but not enough to justify production. Meanwhile the sparkly star shirt sells thousands. Would it be OK with you if Lands End ceased production of the planet shirt for girls? Or do you expect them to write off their losses year after year? Let go even further. What if the planet shirt was a flop and Lands End discontinued it? Then ten yeas later some other mother notices that there no planet shirt for her daughter. She gets all upset and posts about it on the internet,and Lands End has to defend their business practices all over again. Believe me, if Lands End marketing research department had one scintilla of evidence that girls planet shirts would be profitable, they have PAGES of their catalog devoted to them. Emily and Wellsmom you missed my point, also. This goes both ways. Boys are not allowed to wear spangles, or tutu frills, or rainbows. At least a girl can put on the boys shirt. Like Beats By Dre Studio NHL a prior commenter said, boys are expected to wear camo and trucks and footballs. Why do fewer boys go into creative careers, or caretaker careers (like elementary teaching? and nursing?) But no one stands up for boys.

A vision for the future where they see things

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Lessons In Vision From Mlk Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was Dr Dre urBeats Headphones a man Nike Lunar Homme/Femme with a vision. It was a huge vision which he dedicated his life to and who challenged Nike Cortez Femme the rest of us to do the same. Not only did he champion equal rights but also equal access to economic opportunity for all Americans. A lesson we can all learn from MLK is the power of a clear and compelling vision, Nike Cortez Femme for our lives, our companies and our communities. In in today's fast paced world of instant communication and gratification, it seems long term strategic plans and vision statements may have lost some relevance and have been overtaken by short term goals and agendas. Yes it is absolutely important to have goals and ways to measure progress but there is something beyond goals that all successful people, businesses and communities have, and thats a compelling vision. A vision for the future where they see things as they are and then they make sure they also see things better than they are. Research proves over and over again that the companies, communities and even governments that have greater sustainability and lasting success are those with a sense of deep mission and meaning in what they do. One that you can visualise in your mind's eye, one that you can almost touch, taste and feel what Nike Cortez Homme it will feel like to achieve that vision. Luminaries past and present such as MLK have an ability to step into their vision and future self and communicate and work from that place with absolute clarity. Our UQ Powerhouse framework for all we teach at UQ Power has vision as the first Monster Beatbox MIni Speaker of its four quadrants. We believe that vision underpins everything you do and you cant move forward with a sense of urgency and purpose without it. Employees today want more than just a pay check, they want more meaning in the workplace and Burberry Shoes Men that can come from being part of a team contributing to a compelling vision. At medical product company Medtronic when new employees join the company they go to a "Mission and Medallion" ceremony where they meet the CEO and hear about how the company has changed the lives of patients and employees. Each employee is given a medallion with a depiction of a sick Burberry Coats Men person rising and are asked to accept the mission of Medtronic which is "to restore people to full life and health". In his inspiring book Man's Search for Meaning, Viktor Frankl quotes Nietzsche saying "He who has a WHY can bear with almost any HOW." What's your why? Is it so clear you can almost touch it and feel it? Do those that need to be on board have clarity and ownership of their part of moving towards the vision? Don't have a vision? Try this exercise with your team. Each person writes down in their own words what their own personal vision for the organisation, group or relationship is. They then pass their version to the person on their right. That person underlines the words that resonate with them and then passes the paper onto the next person until everyone has reviewed each others. At the Burberry Sunglasses end the most highly endorsed (underlined) common words can be written on a white board and discussed by the group writing them into a sentence that represent the groups view of a single shared Burberry Outlet vision. CEO, UQ Power and International Company Culture Coach, Heidi Alexandra Pollard says her team are red hot, refreshing renegades, hunting down boring brands, stuck in a sea of sameness and charging them to power up their people, their presence and their profits. Their mission is to help elevate the global playing field for small to mid sized companies through their unique brand and culture strategies that are easy on the finances, easy to implement and easy to sustain.

British Columbia seaboard extends from Dixon Entrance

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Late Pleistocene Coastal British Columbia The western coastline of British Columbia played a strategic role in the early maritime/coastal migration route from Beringia to the warmer climes of America. The Pacific Ocean water levels were about 125m lower than now during the last glacial maximum. T Keifer [2005] and M Sarthien [2006] endeavoured to reconstruct the climatic conditions along the Pacific seaboard of Beringia, Alaska and British Columbia after the last glacial era. Collation of their assessments indicated that the weather conditions would have been favourable for hunter marine/foragers to journey along the eastern Pacific coastline from ca14700 14300BCE and ca13200 12650BCE [all ages calibrated]. Isport Beats By Dre However the eastern USA archaeological sites of Meadowcroft and Cactus Creek predate 14700BCE. Was there an earlier window of opportunity for people to access the New World via the British Columbia marine/coastal route? The British Columbia seaboard extends from Dixon Entrance in the north southward to the Strait of Juan de Fuca, which functions as the boundary between Vancouver Island and Washington State. Prince Rupert on the mainland coast is marginally north of Haida Gwaii [the Prince Charlotte Islands]. The Hecate Strait lies between the latter Archipelago and the mainland. Nike Free 3.0 Homme Queen Charlotte Sound separates Cape St James on Haida Gwaii from Cape Scott on Vancouver Island about 235km to the south east. The Strait of Georgia is off the east coast of southern Vancouver Island. Vancouver Island and SW British Columbia are proximal to the ongoing subduction zone of the Juan de Fuca plate and the smaller Explorer plate. There is a triple plate junction between Haida Gwaii and Vancouver Island. North of 51 degrees N tectonic activity tends to be dominated by strike slip movements between the Pacific and North American plates, which is largely accommodated along the Queen Charlotte fault. A significant portion of the mainland coast is variably affected over relatively short distances by vertical movement that can range from 0 3mm per year [R Thompson, 2008]. British Columbia was largely covered by the Cordilleran ice sheet during the last glacial era, which began to develop ca32320 27860BCE, with much of the growth occurring after 24000 BCE. The ice thinned towards the Pacific shoreline from a maximum thickness of up to 2km in the interior. There were significant variations in the advances and the retreats of the ice sheet along the western extent of British Columbia [J Clague, 2002]. Many age determinations for ice events are approximations and only provide a tentative, relative estimate of the chronology. Ca 23200BCE ice began to advance over the emergent, northern lands of the Dixon Entrance and the Hecate Strait [C Hill, 2005]. By ca21000 19000BCE these lobes covered the Hecate lowlands and the Dixon Entrance almost to the edge of the continental shelf [D Malaren, 2008]. The Haida Gwaii Archipelago is comprised of about 150 islands approximately 70km west of the mainland. During the sea level minimum ca19665BCE [A Dyke, 2004] Haida Gwaii was nearly twice as large as now and a large portion of the Hecate depression was emergent. The Queen Charlotte ranges, which are the product of an active plate boundary, dominate the archipelago. Ice caps up to 500m thick formed on the ranges. Proximity to Pacific Ocean waters stemmed the glacial advance at Haida Gwaii ca19000BCE. Whether ice formed on the western shelf area of the archipelago is a moot point [D Fedje, 2005]. The northern Graham Island Naikoon Peninsula "may" not have been covered by ice, because the uplands are not eroded by glacio fluvial incisions, [S Wolfe, 2008]. While the mainland subsided under the massive weight of the ice, fore bulge uplift had exposed large areas of the continental shelf. Because of the fore bulge effects of the isostatic uplift from the Cordilleran ice sheet, there appears to have been an ice free coastal land connection along western flank of the Haida Gwaii islands [C Hill, 2005]. Sedge grasses, herbs and dwarf shrubs were recorded ca17000 15000BCE at Cape Bell, NE Haida Gwaii. A twig in ponded sediments on Graham Island dates to ca16090BCE and mixed plant micro fossils at Cape Bell date to ca17308BCE +/ 570a and ca16670BCE+/ 190a [D Fedge, 2005]. A partial bear femur from NW Moseby Island dates to ca1594BCE+/ 70a [R Wigan , 2005]. Post 17300BCE or possibly before the western seaboard of Haidi Gwaii was ice free and conditions were probably relatively stable. Most of the lowlands were covered by coastal tundra ca14500BCE and ca13000BCE tundra was replaced by open forest [T Lacourse, 2005]. D Fedje, 2007] stated that spear points, knife blades and stone flakes on Mosely and Huxley Islands "might" have been manufactured ca11000BCE. The Nike Free TR Fit Homme/Femme earliest reliable evidence of a human presence on the archipelago was a ca104400BCE +/ 500a, small lithic assemblage in a karst cave [ibid, 2005]. During the 18th millennium BCE conditions along the Pacific Ocean shoreline west of Haida Gwaii appear to have stabilized. De glaciation was generally considerably more rapid than growth. Ca15600BCE northern Hecate Strait and Dixon entrance were mostly ice free [Q Mackie, 2011]. Ca14000BCE there was rapid de glaciation by the mouth of the Skeena River in the Prince Rupert region. The rate of de glaciation tended to diminish at many inland fjords and coastal valleys [K Fladmark, 2001]. There was a marine transgression in progress ca12500BCE. Monster Beatbox MIni Speaker Sea levels at a Haida Gwaii locale ca12440BCE were 147m below current levels and ca13030BCE the Prince Rupert sea coast was 50m higher than the present shoreline [D Fedje, 2005]. British Columbia is characterized by low mantle viscosities and a fast time scale response to glacial retreat. Consequently the sea level histories of Prince Rupert and Haida Gwaii are appreciably different [R Thompson, 2008]. The interaction of isostatic Burberry Sweaters Men rebound and eustatic sea level rise created a complex pattern of relative sea level change along the NW coast during the Pleistocene Holocene transition. Regions close to the mainland and within the isostatic depression of the Cordilleran ice sheet had sea levels relatively higher than now. North of Prince Rupert ca10650BCE shorelines were about 50m above current levels and to the NW on the east side of the Alexander Archipelago in Alaska levels were even higher by 10 30m. Abrupt variations were less pronounced in the area between the inner and outer coast, which functioned as a hinge line between the isostatically depressed inland and the fore bulged outer coast [eg; the Dundas Islands]. Fjords and river valleys were highly isostaticially depressed. Ca8850BCE Kitimat was about 200m Steve Jobs Beats By Dre above current sea level. Strong subsequent depression restored sea level to its present position ca6000BCE [D McLaren, 2008]. A drowned pine stump below 51m of water in Juan Perez Sound dates to ca12565BCE +/ 50a [D Fedje, 2005]. Until 12000 11000BCE isostatic uplift in northern British Columbia exceeded rising eustatic sea level and maintained a land connection between Haida Gwaii and the mainland [Hetherington, 2004]. The land east of the archipelago would have been habitable on an ephemeral basis for more than four millennia, before inundation began to dissect the landscape. Analysis of a lacustrine, sedimentary core from Dundas Island NW of Prince Rupert implies an open landscape, which was dominated Isport Beats By Dre by non arboreal species with a few scattered trees pre 12820BCE. The overlying pollen profile was Burberry Coats Men characterized by scrub tundra, which was similar to West Pond on Haida Gwaii ca14500BCE [D McLaren, 2008]. South of Vancouver Island in NW Washington State the maximum southern extent of glacial ice is estimated to have occurred ca15200BCE +/ 500a, which is four millennia after the maximum western advance in the north proximal to Haida Gwaii. Early Fraser Glaciation from the Coastal Mountain Ranges commenced ca24500BCE. There was a period of glacial retreat during the ca20800 19660BCE interstal. Subsequently there were valley glacier oscillations on the valleys of SW British Columbia as the ice movement was rejuvenated and lobes moved into Puget Sound and the Strait of Juan de Fuca [J Claque, 2002]. Faunal remains [Port Eliza cave] and pollen analysis [Evan's cave] suggest that an open parkland environment persisted in southern Vancouver Island until 17300BCE. Mammoth remains in the region have been tentatively dated to ca18400?BCE [E Ward, 2003]. The ice only extended about 20km west of southern Vancouver Island for a brief time span. There is no reliable chronology for this event, which does not appear to have happened before ca17100BCE. Analysis of a deep sea core 35km west of Tofino on Vancouver Island implies that the maximum glacial advance was about 17km east of the core site ca17300 15825BCE +/ 450a [T Cosma, 2008]. De glaciation rates were relatively rapid, when compared to the speed of Fraser Glaciation/ Vashon advance. De glaciation was enhanced by calfing. The zone of rapid isostatic uplift in SW British Columbia migrated in step with the retreating glacier margins. Thinning, retreating ice could result in a degree of Burberry Outlet isostatic uplift before the area was completely de glaciated. The time and pattern of isostatic uplift was subject to Nike Air Max TN Homme appreciable variation over relatively short distances. As a result late glacial shore lines on the mainland coast could have been up to 200m above present sea level. The ice was thinner on the western flank of Vancouver Island, where the variation was less than 50m [J Claque, 2002]. Southern Vancouver Island was ice free by ca13500BCE and southern Georgia Strait by ca12000BCE. Inland the rate of de glaciation slowed. There were a number of glacial retreats and advances, where the lowlands narrow between the coast and the Cascade Mountains ca10920 10300BCE [ibid]. Collation of the above suggests that during the 18th millennium BCE, ice was retreating in the vicinity of Haida Gwaii and had not reached western Vancouver Island. While these relatively stable conditions prevailed, the maritime/coastal route from Beringia to California would have been less hazardous. Whether any hunter/marine foragers made the journey southward during this possible window of opportunity is conjectural.

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